Günaydınlar Organic LTD. CO. taking precautions and supporting its customers and retailers during COVID-19 Crisis. 

Günaydınlar Organic LTD. CO. will continue to operate and is committed to providing a safe, clean and hygienic environment for its customers and retailers under the current circumstances of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) State of Disaster. 


We are aware of the community concern about COVID-19 and public spaces and have taken measures to ensure that your factory is still a safe place to visit. The health, safety and wellbeing of our customers, retailers and our community is of paramount importance to us.

To this end, Günaydınlar Organic LTD. CO. has continued to implement safety measures to assist in the prevention of exposure on your next visit:


We have increased the frequency of general and deep cleaning practices,with particular attention to daily sanitisation of all common and all areas of the factory.

Will be disinfected daily through sanitizing of floors,walls,basins,offices,dining hall and kitchen.

Hand sanitisers are provided at critical points such as the entrances.

Strict enforcement of mask wear by customers and staff at all times.

Sanitiser and soap dispensers in bathrooms.

Daily sanitising of lift carts.

Sterilization of all stair and handrails.

Fogging of common areas,bathrooms,stairs, and lift carts.

Sanitisation of common area floors.

Social distancing demarcation on floors at all staff currently trading.(We strictly manage and enforce social distancing in all common areas.)

Regular inspections of factory to ensure social distancing regulations are adhered to.

The distance limit that limits kitchen use in the administrative department to 4 people.

The distance limit that limits hining hall use for every department at diffrent hours.

Cleaning of sieve machines,aflatoxin machines,washing machines,packgaging machines.

Disinfectans 70% alcohol based,compliant according to regulation.


Masks are mandatory at all times.

Kindly refrain from eating and drinking inside the general areas of the factory.Designated areas have been made available in the food court for food and beverage consumption.

Offices are permitted to trade with social distancing restrictions.


  • The factory is open from Monday-Friday 08.00 am-17.00 pm.


• All entrances are open.


All of customer and staff are required to follow the health and safety measures specified by the Government.

Please comply with these guidelines,together with:

Mandatory wearing of a mask.

Practising protective sanitation,including washing of hands and using sanitisers.Practising physical distancing of 2 meters.

A restricted number of customers will be allowed in meeting room,office,stairs.

Tips on precautionary measures to take before and during visiting the factory:

In order to avoid unneccessary navigation/conversation,call in advance and inform us about the area you will be interviewing.
We provide access to customers,visitors and staff with the HES CODE system.